BrandComm Limited

We are your Research and Media Management Partner


BrandComm Limited

We are your research and media management Partner


BrandComm Limited

We are your Research andMedia Management partner.


About us

BrandComm is registered in Zambia as a Media Monitoring, Social and Market research entity servicing clients with social developmental agenda in promoting Sustainable Development Goals; as well as Fast Moving Consumer Goods/services clients seeking to promote their products and services across different user segments.

Our approach to conducting Media Monitoring, Social and Market is to leverage on local knowledge and networks, innovative research, sophisticated media monitoring and management technology. The depth and breadth of our solutions, backed by local knowledge and international expertise enables us to provide a complete and comprehensive monitoring and evaluation service.

Our service definition

Our clients rely on us to make important decisions. We see integrity as core contributor to accuracy of our data combined with integrated latest technology to support us

In today’s fast changing market place, timely decisions are paramount. Our response to this is through provision of real time monitoring system and efficiencies in field work management and data processing.

Data without insights is useless. Analysis form the substance of what we do. We promise well articulated insightful reports

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Market Research

We at BrandComm provide critical market research using either qualitative or quantitative research. We unveil how your company is perceived by the target customers and clients you want to reach. We help you understand how to connect with them, show you how you stack up against the competition, and inform how you plan your next steps.

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Social Research

Our social research expertise includes conducting social development research including, Financial & Livelihood studies, Social Cash Transfer surveys, Governance, Water & Sanitation, Energy, Education, Agriculture, Health and Nutrition, HIV/AIDS amongst others. We also monitor media content for social impact.

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Media Management

We at BrandComm Provide critical market research insights using qualitative or quantitative research methodologies. We support brands and media agencies in  understanding how their campaigns are performing and where they stand against the competition.
We support media communication agencies create more effective and efficient media plans and create better campaigns

“Why advertise if you cannot measure”

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